Wedding experience

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Imagine this...

It's your five year wedding anniversary. A rainy Monday evening after a long day at work.

You get home and walk into your living room. Your spouse is on the couch smiling and laughing. They're watching something on TV. You make your way over to them and snuggle up to them. When you look up, you realize they're watching a slideshow from your wedding day. You smile as all the memories float by. All the little moments you forgot. The way your partner looked as you walked down the aisle. How your dad cried during the Daddy + Daughter dance. You feel so many emotions as the images pass by. You feel like you're re-living those moments again.

That's the power of an image.

This is the moment I strive to create for all my couples.

The boring but important details

What makes me different

(Yes, I just said that, you won't find any fluff filler here my friend.)

I've shot over 100 weddings in six short years, and have a mountain of experience to stand on. From backyards, large venues to helicopter elopements and everything in-between. An experienced professional that can help you face any road blocks that come your way.

Capturing over 100 weddings means you're not dealing with a newbie who doesn't know what they need to capture or where they need to be. Which means you can fully immerse yourself and be present for your day.

I do require a signed contract to book. This is so, so important for both the couple and the photographer. Contracts protect both parties.

Phew. Now that that's over with, let's get to the fun details.

what makes me different

Dig a little deeper below

I know you WANT beautiful photos, but do you know what you need to actually get them?

Knowing that you need more than a photographer is what makes my wedding experience different.

So, what's my secret recipe?

  • The secret sauce
  • Communication + Comfort
  • A willing partner
  • Getting to know you

Keep scrolling to get all the details on my fail proof plan to create beautiful images, even if you're awkward and shy.

a little deeper

The secret sauce
The perfect mix, that makes everyone comfortable, cozy and connected. My own special blend of posing guidance that makes sure everyone looks their best and has fun. It's not easy to do both, but I've mastered the art.

Communication + Comfort
If you're worried about looking awkward, this is super important. If you want to feel confident and stunning in your photos, you need to feel comfortable with your photographer. Like PB + J, you can't have one without the other. 

A willing partner
You're not alone. Most couples have one person that hates having their photo taken. Don't stress, I've got you covered. I know exactly how to make sure your partner also has fun and participates in the photos.

Getting to know you
I take the time to really listen and get to know my couples. This means I know exactly what they need for their day and how I can best serve them.

Am I the perfect fit? find out below

i'm your perfect fit if

  • You don't want to wait forever for your photos. With me, you'll receive your entire wedding gallery within 8 weeks AND bonus, you get 15 to 30 sneak peeks within 48 hours of your day. The perfect amount to share with all your family and friends.

  • You want someone who understands and respects that not all weddings are the same. I want your wedding photos to be filled with your personality, your most important people and to represent your vision for your day.

  • You don't want to feel like you have a camera pointed at you. All. Day. Long. My clients are able to fully embrace, enjoy and be present for their day. I also make sure you get 15 minutes to yourselves (just you and your partner), after portraits. 

  • You value getting something tangible from your day. Not just digital copies of their photos. 

So, what services do I offer?

Partial Day Weddings

Full Day Weddings


From getting ready to late night dance offs and every moment in-between captured.

Where you get to pick which moments are most important to you.

Runaway with me and your partner for a private elopement.


Dip your toes in the water with a wildly romantic engagement session.

For those couples who want to share their stunning photographs.

Albums + Prints

my style

Get a feel for my style: Check out my portfolio

I believe in capturing the moment when it happens. I believe in delivering images that are valuable to my clients. Images filled with life, movement and memories.

I don’t want you to settle for nice photographs. I want you to have a collection of beautiful moments so you can relive them over and over again.

That's why my editing and posing style is natural. 

What does this mean?

  • accurate colors (you picked those for a reason)
  • natural edits (I'll only photoshop something if you ask me to)
  • posing guidance
  • candid moments
  • humor to get you comfortable

Because one day, all you’ll have left of this moment is an image.


"Ashlee was so awesome to work with! She got back to us right away to book and she even drove through a snowstorm to capture our special day. We got our pictures back and they are so beautiful! We’ve gotten tons of complements and I’d recommend Ashlee to everyone looking for an extremely talented photographer."