about me

the how + why

Hey! I'm Ashlee...

And I've also felt personally attacked by my awkwardness in photos.

That's why I know I can help you. I've seen, experienced and conquered the awkward photograph both behind and in front of the camera.

I bet you're expecting me to go on and on about all the details of my life here. About how I do this for my husband, my kid and my pets, like every other photographer. 

But, that's not me. The reality is, I do this for you. 

I will however, tell you my origin story at the bottom of this page.

The how + why

Find out why I want to help you below

how I take your photos from awkward and uncomfortable to stunning and gorgeous

  • Build connection and trust through communication and reliability, plus Dad jokes.
  • Get to know my clients so I know exactly what their needs are and how I can help.
  • I created my own secret recipe of posing and prompts that makes the most awkward person comfortable and confident.

how i help you

  • Put your mind at ease through trust, communication and reliability. I won't be another thing for you to stress about.
  • Allow you to be in the moment. After shooting over 100 weddings, I know where to be and what to capture so you don't have to worry about telling me what to do.
  • Help with organizing your timeline so you can be present and allow your day to flow without too many hiccups.
  • Make sure you look your best and all the moments you miss get captured.

why i want to help you

Keep scrolling for my origin story

Because I know that one day all you'll have from these moments are the images. So, let's make some art and memories!

  • I value that moments and memories are fleeting. How many times have you looked through your photos and thought "I totally forgot about that"?
  • Photography is creating art out of a unique moment in time. A split second moment that without being captured, could be gone forever or never acknowledged at all.
  • See comment about being personally attacked by awkward photos of myself.

my origin story

This crazy rollercoaster started when I was five years old. No, I didn't want to be a photographer, I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. But, I LOVED taking photos. Cue five year old me herding all of our kittens and dogs together with my disposable camera. The image to your right is one of my first ever photos.

just the facts 

Fast forward a couple years.
I got my first digital camera for a birthday as a pre-teen. There were several awkward images taken and no those ones I will not share haha.

The moment everything changed.
Picture a husband who has been the subject of dozens of photoshoots. He said to me "maybe you should consider becoming a photographer, so you can take someone else's photo for a change."

Jokes on him though. Now I take photos of other people AND him.

My first photo as a kid

the facts

Check out what the experience is like

Snacks are important to me.
I'll make sure you don't get a case of the hangries on your wedding day.

Disney fan.
I fell in love with love stories at a young age. That's why I love photographing weddings.

Creativity keeps me alive.
I DIY my entire wedding. I know how to take your photos from basic to pieces of art.

My favorite moment is getting ready.
But, I also have a soft spot for Daddy + Daughter dances.

Exploring is everything.
I'll travel wherever your story takes you.

I'm an all inclusive photographer.
I believe every love story deserves to be captured.


She has made each session comfortable and enjoyable for both myself and my little ones.
She really takes her time in making sure she captures the best pictures.
 I cannot say enough good things about her as a person and a photographer I look forward too using her in the future for all my other photography needs!