Wedding Photography

How to pick a wedding photographer -so you pick the right one!

Picking any wedding vendor can be a big task!

That's why I designed a fool proof way for couples to pick a wedding photographer that's the best for their day.

Someone who will capture the day, the way you want it captured. The only things you have left from your wedding day are your partner, your rings and your photos. Make sure you pick the right one!


Table of Contents:

What style of photography are you looking for?

When you think about your wedding day do you envision the images as candid, posed or a mix depending on the event and mood.

What to look for in their images:
/a variety of strong images (at least 25)
/similar editing style between images
/they have some images that cause you to emotionally react (especially if you like candid)
/multiple different couples

The images are a huge deciding factor for couples. That's why I also include a sample wedding gallery on my website in my portfolio. I also have a variety images throughout my website and even share my favorite moments I've captured.


This one is fairly simple. You want to make sure they have good communication and respond in a timely manner. They also should have a contract and insurance. Your photographer should also show knowledge about weddings, including timelines, events, general ceremonies etc.

For example, I tell my clients that I reply to emails within 24 hours but usually it's under 12. I provide couples with a contract for them to read, prior to booking, and am happy to answer any questions they have. I also have business insurance. I've been to over 75 weddings in my life, and I still love everything about them. After 75 weddings, I've learned a trick or to to help your day go as smoothly as possible.


This is a tricky subject when it comes to photography. Cheaper photographers are usually knew to the industry and don't have as much experience or professional equipment. just keep in mind that a photographer is capturing memories for you, it's up to you on how much you value those. I know sometimes budgets are tight, so just make sure to really, really look into your photographer if you have to go with someone cheaper. You don't want to be looking for a new one a month before your wedding if the other one ghosts you.

Any photographer should have a few packages to choose from. They should be able to tell you a price for each and tell you exactly what you're getting from them. 

I keep my starting prices on my website because I know how frustrating it can be to not see pricing before inquiring. I also won't beat around the bush in giving you my complete packages when you ask. 


I hope the advice below will be a helpful guideline for you when you choose your photographer. Because booking the right photographer is so important to me, I've also created a 'questions to ask your photographer- so you pick the right one' blog. With these questions and the above guide, you'll be confident in your decision.

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