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Questions to ask your wedding photographer-so you pick the right one!

Questions to ask a wedding photographer- so you pick the right one!

Picking a wedding photographer can be overwhelming. Most couples don’t know the right questions to ask a wedding photographer. When this panic happens, most couples rely on pricing to finalize their decision. Everyone has a budget and there is nothing wrong with that! I’m just saying that should not be the deciding factor when choosing your photographer. I don’t want you to regret your decision so I made this list for couples like you! You’ll know exactly what to ask, why its important and be able to confidently book the right person.

PSA: these aren’t your average questions. The need to know professional questions are here. The following questions to ask a wedding photographer are to make sure they’re the right fit.


Table of Contents:

1. What makes you different?
2. What’s your process like leading up to my wedding?
3. Can you help me with prints and albums?
4. How do you direct your clients?
5. What is your style?
6. How do you choose what’s important to photograph?

I value communication + comfort as well as capturing stunning images for you. I believe great communication and feeling comfortable with your photographer are the keys to getting the images you always wanted.

My process starts with getting to know my clients so I know exactly how I can best serve them. I do this through questionnaires, engagement sessions and helping them with timelines and shots lists.

I definitely can! Prints are so important after your wedding day. you don't want to just leave all those beautiful images on your computer or USB.

I use my own special mix of posing and prompts with gentle guidance. This means you'll never have to worry about how you look AND you'll have fun doing it!

My style is cinematic with a touch of realism. Your colors are going to be just like the day you got married. your images will be filled with  a mix of candid images and posed photographs.

I choose what's most important to photograph by observing the moments that unfold, knowing who is most important to you and by asking what is most important to you.

My answers

Questions to make sure they're the right fit

What's different

The process

Prints + Albums

Client direction

My style

What's important

1. Can I see a full wedding gallery?
2. Do you back up your photos?
3. How many weddings have you photographed?

Of course! Just ask and I'll send you a link. I also have a sample gallery from a wedding on my website in my portfolio.

Yes! I have two memory cards slots on my camera, so my photos are backed up as i shoot. Plus i back them up on my computer and external memory drives before I even start editing.

I have been lucky enough to have over 75 couples trust me with their wedding day!

My answers

Questions to make sure they know what they're doing

Wedding gallery

Photo back up

How many weddings

1. How much does additional time cost?
2. How will I receive my images?
3. How long until I will receive my photos?
4. How many photos do you edit?
5. Will I receive an engagement session?

I charge $125 per additional hour on the day of. If you want me to stay late, just ask!

I deliver images via USB, customized with my clients names. I want you to have a copy of your images, instead of an online gallery that expires.

I deliver 5 to 7 sneak peeks within 24 hours of your wedding. The rest of your images are then hand edited and delivered within 8 weeks.

I quote 50 to 75 images per hour of shooting. This means you'll receive between 500 and 750 images from a 10 hour day.

Most of my packages include an engagement session. I believe engagement sessions are a great time to get to know your photographer and what it's like to work with them.

My answers

Questions to know what you're getting

Additional time

Image delivery

Gallery delivery timeline

Image amount

Engagement session

If you really want to mix things up, here’s a list of questions your wedding photographer should be asking you!

1. Are there any planned special moments I should be aware of?
2. What moments are you most excited to have captured?
3. What moments are most important to you to have captured?
4. How important are family photos to you?
5. What will you do with your images after?
6. How comfortable are you in front of the camera?
7. Describe what your perfect day looks like.

After ready these articles, I hope you feel prepared to book your wedding photographer!

I would love to have the opportunity to get to know you better!

Find out if I'm the right fit for your day!

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